At Cityroos , our noble goal is to train young people to become good role models and Australian citizens through player. We firmly believe that sports success comes from more than just cultivating and nurturing sports talent. Cityroos is a social entrepreneurship that has been using a stable economic model to ensure future sustainability. Gains made from sports development are re-invested back into further sports development and are carefully managed by the Cityroos board of Directors.


As Cityroos, We do not keep ready players in our body rather we send them to the clubs in NPL level, Association Division 1 and neighbor clubs in particular. We not only follow up their matches and progress in their new clubs but we also invite them to our club back in their spare time for them to stay in touch with us. We are very strict in regards with they should not skip club trainings.

Cityroos School does not consider the talent, ability and gender of players. Ages from 5 -18 years can join our school. We place importance in not just the football that is played, but the development of the child. The training of the children is a compact model of the training of the adults. ”Helping our school grows healthier, active and successful young people by creating opportunities to spread the identity of Cityroos. We seek to uncover the potential of our athletes through scientific approaches and helping Cityroos youth achieve success by cultivating highly skilled casual students with high ethics, discipline, intelligence, and skill” You start football on Cityroos Football School by wearing the uniform of Cityroos Football School. Giving our children between the ages of 5 and 18 years of age basic sports and football training, we enable them to love sports and contribute to their development of becoming sporty individuals. We will get our kids ready for life challenges by educating them the importance of harmony, team awareness, sociability, character, consciousness, foot-intelligence coordination, gymnastics, general ethics, nutrition and football histories which are just as important as football is. The enjoyable and friendly environment created by the small games should not be negatively affected by the pressure of the adults, administration, coaches, teachers, and family on the field

     -       Our Football School training is focused on individual improvement.

     -       Focuses on Individual development in a team environment

     -       Aims to maximize individual athletic and academic potential

     -       Increases individual volume of training

     -       Specialized goalkeeper training

     -       Futsal Program

     -       Players Management

     -       Gymnastic , Judo , Chess



AS PURPOSEEncourage our children away from digital screens into sporting arena

                                Tackle Childhood obesity

                  Encourage Communication and Leadership

                               Showcase Australian Values