THE SCHOOL / Social Initiative Project

Social Initiative Project


As Cityroos, one of our social initiative projects is the Street Football which we invite the children playing games at the concrete areas in the neighborhood into our club for them to utilize our facilities for free of charge. 

Street football is a bridge between the real world and the world of imagination, the first step of the child's learning process. The demand for the game comes from internal and is free from external rules.

What  important thing in the game is the process not the result. When children start to play games with their friends, they begin to learn social relations and their sense of responsibility increases in order to overcome the role they undertake with the games. It helps the child to recognize the society and its surroundings. Street games, which are indicative of the cultural richness of society, enable to transfer the culture to future generations by establishing a bond between generations and therefore children become both the practitioner and the transponder of the game.

These kinds of games, which can cover all the time periods of children outside of lessons, meals and sleeping hours, play a major role in the development of children's spiritual, mental and physical powers.

Street games provide physical, psycho-motor, emotional, social and mental contributions to children's development. Street football helps the player in the matters like quick thinking, getting out of confined spaces, having self-confidence, being comfortable and having responsibility.

SYDNEY U12 CUP ; It is a social initiative project ,which was founded by Cityroos, organized especially for the clubs. This project is going to be implemented in 2020.